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Judging Day

Annual & Derrick Turner Competitions,

19 Feb 2022

The results of the Judging of artworks on 19th February, 2022, at the St.Isan Church Hall, Llanishen, Cardiff are as follows :-

Derrick Turner  Competitions :-

1)  Sorcerer’s Apprentice            1st Claire Sadlier              2nd Eli Absi                  3rd Pam Gilbert

2)  Still life with Flowers , in contiguous colours

                                                1st  Keith Harvey             2nd Claire Sadlier         3rd Jenny Alsop

The 'Outright Winner' of the Derrick Turner Trophy for 2022,  is  Keith Harvey

The Annual Exhibition, 2022 :-

   Category                                 Winner                                            Runner-up

    Portrait                                  Eli Absi                                            Charlotte Mann

                                                ‘Atlantic Odyssey’                             ’Someone’s Scarf'

    Marine                                   Joe Rhodes                                      Anthony Douglas-Jones

                                                ‘Rocky Pebbles, Rest Bay’                 ‘Reassurance from Dad'

    Still Life                                Jennifer Hirst Alsop                           Asha Bashi

                                                ‘Old Railway Lamp’                           ‘Peonies'

    Landscape                              Arnold Lowrey                                  Anthony Douglas-Jones

                                                ‘A Cluster of Cottages’                      ‘On the Ridge'

    Abstract                                 Sylvia Donovan                                 David Kirkham

                                                ‘Beddgelert Way’                              ‘2 of 2'

    Figurative                              Dimitrios Venetsianos                         Kevin Strong

                                                ‘Blind Date’                                      ’Splash 11'

    Line & Wash                          Brian Kemp                                       Brian Kemp

                                                ’Tenby Dry Dock’                              ‘Amboth, Pembrokeshire'

    Floral                                    Jennifer Hirst Alsop                            Claire Sadlier

                                               ‘Bearded Irises’                                 ‘Fairies in the Garden'

The 'Overall Winner' of the 135th Annual Exhibition, is Joe Rhodes for 'Penarth Sea Front’

A gallery of paintings for the Annual Competition is here, and a gallery for the Derrick  Turner Competition is here.

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